Yawn – The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me! this originally was a shorter version of what was available on muddyheritage.co.uk, but through changing circumstances this is now my main blog, so please bear with me...  anyway although muddyheritage.co.uk, has buggered oft, muddyheritage.com is still up and treading water and doing quite nicely, anyway now you know it has been... Continue Reading →

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T2 & the Eldorado… part two

The T2 was kept busy today... 75 - 5 - 2+ Back on the Roman field... Field nine normally gets searched every couple of years, due to crop rotation, but this year it is being stood idle for six months, leaving me a lot more hours to play, but because of the level of contamination... Continue Reading →

T2 & the Eldorado… Part one;

Who is Who or which one did better... T2 setting's 79-4-2+ - whilst the Eldorado was set at just below the recommended Iron setting, and the sensitivity was set at around about the three quarter turn... I took both detectors with me today but the T2 stayed in the van, as i searched with the... Continue Reading →

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