Yawn – The Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me! this originally was a shorter version of what was available on muddyheritage.co.uk, but through changing circumstances this is now my main blog, so please bear with me...  anyway although muddyheritage.co.uk, has buggered oft, muddyheritage.com is still up and treading water and doing quite nicely, anyway now you know it has been... Continue Reading →

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We Lost a Treasure of the Nation…

I take my hat off, and bow my head to an icon we buried today, on the eightieth birthday of the beginning of the Battle of Britain... We Lost a Treasure of the Nation... Yet a fly past and crowds of people could not stop the "Ban British Community"  (- BBC for short-) from talking... Continue Reading →

Achtung!-Achtung! – Ein Spitfire..

The curse of the skies for Germany... As Germany tries to stifle the British with their deadly onslaught in the early years of the second world war... An  attempt that in its self was stifled by our Heroic Boys in the Battle of Britain with their most Derring-Do in the iconic Spitfire with its own... Continue Reading →

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